Our spiritual lives are inseparable from the struggle for equal access to food, clean air and water, housing, education, employment, health care, and legal defense as well as respect for the rights of women, people of color, immigrants, religious minorities and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered humanity. This is based on our belief in inherent worth and dignity of every human being–without exceptions–and in the interdependent web of life. Working for justice is therefore as much a spiritual practice as prayer and meditation.

Justice is a ministry of the Gathering at Northern Hills and is the unified work of the Board of Trustees, committees, youth, choir and musicians, members, friends and staff. We will boldly engage the justice issues of the day and will provide church members ample opportunities for public witness of their faith.

You may not be poor or powerless or denied a privileged life in other ways but working for a just world is the responsibility of all of us. Also, to paraphrase Mother Teresa, it’s better to light a small candle than curse all the darkness in the world. We hope you will join hands with us as we work on creating a peaceful and just society.

Come, sing a song with me,
Come, dream a dream with me,
Come, walk in rain with me,
Come, share a rose with me,
That I might know your mind.
And I’ll bring you hope,
When hope is hard to find,
And I’ll bring a song of love,
and a rose in the winter time.
From #346 in the new UU supplemental
hymnal, “Singing the Living Tradition”