Prism Light Circle
Of the Gathering at Northern Hills, a Unitarian Universalist Community

The Pagan group, Prism Light Circle,  of The Gathering at Northern Hills is an eclectic group practicing a mix of formats for pagan rituals including Wiccan, UU, Druid, Dianic and others.  Some members might be described as “scientific pagans” just liking to follow the holidays of the solstices and equinoxes and the seasons of the year.  We meet 8 times a year for the holidays (sabbats).  We are currently working on becoming an official CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) chapter.  We generally meet on the Friday night closest to the Holiday.  At 7:00 we have a discussion and then ritual is at 8:30.  We ask people to bring snacks to share.  Weather permitting we are outside under the trees.  In the past we have done some service projects and do our best to contribute to the ongoing life of the whole congregation by assisting in pagan themed worship services or doing things like decorating for the holiday party.  We hope to be involved in environmental projects in the future and will continue to do service when we can.  We are intergenerational and inclusive.  Children are welcome,as are everyone, no matter your age, identity, orientation or interest.

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