We’ve Merged!!!!!  We’re now called:

‘The Gathering at Northern Hills, a Unitarian Universalist Community’

We are located at  460 Fleming Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45231.  We meet at 10:45 AM Sundays.

Our new website is: www.gnhuu.org

Phone: 513 931-6651

E-Mail: northernhillsfellowship6824@gmail.com

Minister: Doug Slagle








A Place to Celebrate Who You Are…

This website is dedicated to the memory of Genevieve Critel, 1981 – 2012, the woman who designed and built it.

The Gathering is a diverse collection of people interested in spirituality, social justice and serving others.

We are blessed with a rich diversity in our membership. You’ll find people of all ages, social, economic and racial backgrounds, as well as all sexual orientations.

Finally, there is a broad range of thought and belief, where we claim our differences and celebrate, without trying to change, each other.

We call are in the process of merging our congregation with that of the Northern Hills Fellowship Unitarian Universalist church.  This joint UU congregation continues the Gathering’s tradition of looking to all sources of spirituality for guidance and education.

We are committed to putting our beliefs into action – serving others through community organizations providing assistance to homeless children, young adults and families.

We are not perfect but we practice full democracy in all of our congregation decisions.   We seek to understand each other and our differences while practicing kindness and grace.  We have no committees but only working teams which collaborate in our mutual work.  And we are dedicated to social togetherness enjoying many community meals, movies, sporting events and “field trips”.

We claim as our purpose for “being”: to offer a progressive spiritual message, by word and by deed, that seeks to change lives for the better, within our congregation and in our world.

Please join us each Sunday from 10:45 to 11:45 am for worship. We are located at 460 Fleming Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231.  Click here for a map. Coffee, refreshments and a warm gathering of friends immediately follows the service.

E-mail us at northernhillsfellowship6824@gmail.com or by leaving a reply below.

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Facebook for Northern Hills Fellowship:  www.facebook.com/northernhillsfellowship

Facebook for The Gathering: www.facebook.com/thegatheringcincinnati

Thank you for visiting our website!  The principal outreach activity of The Gathering is the support of homeless youth in the area.

“Love your site. Thank you for doing such a good job. I will definitely come again to find out more and tell my acquaintances about your writing.”            Mikhel Dunovant

“Let’s Dance” – Prophets of many faiths together as one